We Provide "Distance" Energy Healing Work for You, Your Pet or Your Space Anywhere in the World

What Happens - Visualize this...
    We, your higher self and I are working on you wherever in the world you are. With the help of the Celestial Earth energies, you are beginning the process of spiritual transformation. At the same time your body is busy healing itself. You are being healed of illness, injury, outmoded beliefs and issues such as those concerning disorders and emotional trauma, losses and disappointments, relationships and even those issues connected to past lives. For more information on past life regression work see below.
    You are allowing unwanted or blocked emotions to join the natural energy flow. In fact, the strength of your energy flow is increasing. You are beginning the perfect healing alignment of your spirit, physical body, soul and deepest knowing.
    This spiritually transformative alignment of energies is bringing together all your separate parts for a greater sense of completeness and a clearer understanding of your own innate perfection. Your conflicts are disappearing, both those within and those in your life. Your inner harmony and joy are increasing along with your delight in being in the physical body.
    With this new sense of your greater self you are becoming a clearer and more powerful manifester, more able to create that which you desire. You are more able to make your prayers and dreams come true.
    At this level you may even want to move past the old to newer, greater more magnificent prayers and dreams.      Past Life Regression Work
    Knowledge of past lives can be instrumental in clearing issues which impede full and joyful engagement in this lifetime. There are crucial moments in a life span that because we have free will can shut down certain aspects of our personalities or create other aspects such as phobias.


     Under certain circumstances, the outcome of this life changing experience is then applied to all future lives. Some are very beneficial and we keep those intact. It is only those that affect our lives in a way we would like to change which we address in this work. It is done only with the permission of our Spirit Guides.
  I have done work on my own past lives and in order to more fully explain this work I would like to share some of those with you. Here is a specific past life incident and what I was able to do to clear its impact on my current life. I will show you a new example of my personal past life work on a regular basis.
    Past life regression work is only a small part of what you will receive when you book a session with me.

I Am Able to "See"
What is Happening in Your Body at the Organ, Cell & Energy Levels

Who I Am - It became clear after fifteen years of chronic debilitating illness that in order to have whole wellness I was going to have to heal myself. First I was going to have to learn how. I sensed it was the Universe’s way of telling me that my calling was to do energy healing work.
   First, I learned how to connect with the Universe to get simple Yes or No answers. It was at this time I began to sense that I am not alone in this work, that I am being supported by many celestial beings including angels, healers and spirit guides.
  Next, I found that I was able to receive words, pictures and moving picture segments. I could "see" the disharmonies in your body at the cellular level. I could also "see" emotions, personal history and the energies such as the aura and the meridians. I studied anatomy and physiology extensively in order to understand what I was seeing. Eventually I was able to have whole conversations with the Universe about wellness issues for clients.

     Later, as entire healing systems were implanted in my DNA for me to use. the work became faster, simpler, more complete and longer lasting.
  As I learned more and more through guided practice I saw that as our physical and emotional issues were cleared it left room for us to reach new levels of understanding and intuitive knowing about ourselves and our connection to the Universe. It is now possible to become free to access lost, hidden or blocked aspects of ourselves. We move past "normal" to an expanded awareness, to peace and a rich love-filled life, to the beautiful life we have always wanted.
   Follow your deepest knowing. It will show you the way to your own multi-dimensional distance healing and transformation.
   When ready, Initiate the Process that gives you the gift of "A Healing Energy." It will bring you into the new Celestial Earth energy.